Alina Ambrosino

Senior Associate

Alina Ambrosino is an experienced communications consultant with a background in targeted stakeholder engagement. At Pivotal, Alina specializes in developing engaging collateral and building effective coalitions that deliver results for clients at the national level.

Get to Know Alina

With 5 years of experience, Alina brings a multidisciplinary background to Pivotal. With experience in almost every channel of an effective communications campaign, Alina has managed multi-million-dollar direct mail programs, secured Tier 1 coverage as a public relations lead, served as primary media planner on seven-figure digital media campaigns, and headed the reporting process for national clients as a media metrics specialist. 

Alina works on private and public sector accounts at Pivotal Strategies, creating outreach materials and building coalitions that influence policy at the local, state, and national levels. 

When not at their desk, Alina can be found listening to a daily news podcast or seeing their favorite artists at the Hollywood Bowl.

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